Need a place to stay at SXSW? If you’re Lee Daniels, you might turn to Matthew McConaughey

Director Lee Daniels. Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Lee Daniels is a TV and movie powerhouse — co-creator of “Empire” and “Star,” Oscar-nominated director of “Precious” and other films — but this year is only his first visit to South by Southwest. And he’s starting the SXSW experience in a big way — he’ll be delivering a keynote address Sunday.

Daniels talked with Charles Ealy about some of the issues he’ll touch on in that speech and some of the stars he’s worked with in the past, including Austin’s own Matthew McConaughey.

Matthew McConaughey. Gravitas Ventures

Asked if he would be getting in touch with McConaughey while in town, Daniels said: “Will Matthew be there? I think I’ll call him right after this to see if he can maybe find me better accommodations than a hotel.”


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