Weird and wacky movies we saw at SXSW

“Prevenge.” Contributed

South by Southwest screens hundreds of films. Some of them fit right in with our Keep Austin Weird aesthetic.

“Lemon”: Critic Joe Gross calls this film “an unnerving and deeply weird portrait of the artist as a middle-aged jerk.” Cringe-worthy moments include an odd Passover Seder and an awkward casting call.

REVIEW: Is ‘Lemon’ the fest’s most (intentionally) cringe-worthy movie?

“Long Strange Trip”: This documentary about the Grateful Dead is four hours long and is what critic Matthew Odam calls “a celebration of the spirit that infused the band from its outset, an effervescent exploration of the collective unconscious.” Right on, man.

INTERVIEW: ‘Long Strange Trip’ director Amir Bar-Lev wants to ‘make America Grateful again’

“Sylvio”: A gorilla who works for a debt collection agency find fame on an afternoon TV show. No, really. “There’s no question that it’s all a bit weird, but there’s a marvelous sense of wonder in every scene,” critic Matt Shiverdecker writes.

REVIEW: ‘Sylvio’ graduates from Vine to the big screen

“Prevenge”: This is the story of a pregnant woman whose fetus urges her to kill unworthy men. If that’s not wacky enough for you, Alice Lowe, who wrote and directed the film, also stars in it — and was pregnant in real life during the shoot. Critic Evan Rodriguez says the film “is blackly humorous with a dry British wit.”

REVIEW: When fetuses attack: ‘Prevenge’ is fresh entry in horror canon

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